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Specialization construction & building inspections

A family business from Ghent

Since its creation in 2000 by Marc Bailleul, BCB bv has always strived to offer its clients a growing range of qualitative tasks.

The first years, several family houses were built and project co-ordinations were outsourced to our team by contractors who preferred to outsource their assignments. The contract for safety coordination of both private and tertiary buildings was also launched.

In 2015, Bruno Bailleul joined his father in the company. He started the branch 'inspections' within the company and expanded the range of inspections over the years to include advice and measurements for acoustic research, air tightness measurements, moisture detection and thermography. The most recent services added to the list are: inspection of private water and sanitary installations in both Flanders and Wallonia and reporting of indoor climate (topical since the Corona epidemic).

In 2020, Marc took a well-deserved retirement and at the same time the construction activities within the company were stopped. Bruno Bailleul succeeded Marc as manager and since then BCB focuses with the team on building inspections.

BCB bvba
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BCB bv Values

'Correct' in the broadest sense of the word. Obviously correct towards customers but we go even further. BCB bv bvba is sustainable and ecologically colored and has been cutting the costs and energy needs of all parties involved in the process for years. We fulfill this by providing correct advice, follow-up and product selection.

'Alertness' also characterizes us, because otherwise our company cannot have a chance of survival in the longer term. Our team closely follows the evolutions of the construction market, so that our customers are offered the most up-to-date solutions. It is this alert form of knowledge acquisition and its use that differentiates us from other companies.

'Symbiosis' between construction and inspection. None of our business activities is a separate domain within our structure. We can provide problems that arise during one of our audits through our decades of experience with small and large construction work.

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Bruno Bailleul

Bruno Bailleul


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Alex Van den Daele

Alex Van den Daele

Inspections & Consulting

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Frederiek Wolff

Frederiek Wolff

Inspections & Consulting

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