Thermographic research

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This is a non-destructive detection technique that is used to map building defects, moisture problems, leaks and air leaks, among other things. A check of both the building envelope and the installations can be done with the help of a thermal camera.

Thermal imaging or infrared examination

A thermographic or infrared examination shows surface temperatures. An abnormal temperature trend can indicate a defect.

Insufficient insulation, leakage, moisture ingress, mechanical wear and electrical deviations are easily detected in this way.

Thermographic Research

Thermographic Research

Thermography as means of investigation

Research shows that poor airtightness can lead to unwanted phenomena in a home or building. The uncontrolled ventilation through air leaks sometimes means that up to 15% of the heat generated is lost (i.e. a considerably higher energy bill). In some situations, thermal bridges are created that can give rise to local condensation formation. This condensation is the biggest cause of harmful mold formation. In addition, acoustic transmission of outside noise is also linked to poor airtightness of the building structures.

Thermography is a good means of investigation for various problems in and on a building. Among other things, the following can be traced:
» Building envelope analysis
» Checking floor, wall and roof insulation.
» Detecting air leaks - Blower Door Test
» Moisture detection
» Leaks in water pipes
» Rising moisture
» Identifying condensation problems
» Mapping cold bridges
» Checking high-efficiency glass
» Electrical checks - fuse signs
» Checking switches and sockets
» Determine mechanical wear

Thermographic Research
Thermographic Research

Thermal analysis: fast and efficient

Together with the non-destructive nature, a thermographic analysis proceeds rather quickly, which reduces the cost price. Recordings of zones with abnormal temperature changes are provided with advice in a report.

This report is done by our infrared expert with ITC level 2 certification.

Thermographic Research

Thermographic Research

Thermography as Quality Control

Thermography serves as a quality check or as evidence for a correctly delivered work.
This at the request of the client, contractor, architect or other parties.

» Have your thermography performed by a certified thermograph (ITC level 2 certification).
» Optimal conditions must be pursued for a correct result.