Airtightness Measurement Ventilation Ducts

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Why airtight ventilation ducts?

With good airtight ventilation ducts, not only will the required ventilation flow rates in the various rooms be easily achieved, but your system will also run more quietly. This is because there are no losses of ventilation air along the way, so the unit's motors do not have to turn as hard to achieve the required flow rates. So they are not only more economical in (energy) consumption, but also a whole lot quieter!

Luchtdichtheidsmeting Ventilatiekanalen

Often an airtightness measurement of ventilation ducts is commissioned by the contractor. This way, the contractor can prove with an airtightness certificate that the ventilation ducts have been installed according to the rules of the art.

A good airtightness result for your ventilation ducts can reduce the E-level of your home (or building) by 2 to 3 points. Currently, an airtightness measurement is not mandatory, but we highly recommend the test to check the proper functioning of your ventilation system.