Comfort Measurement

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Comfort measurement

These measurements are carried out as part of research into the feeling of comfort in a home or building. Dit volgens EN ISO 7730 en ISO EN 12599 2012.

Comfort measurement

With our equipment, we can measure the following parameters in a building using probes and data loggers:
» CO2
» Light intensity
» Turbulence
» Radiant Heat
» CO
» Humidity

Measurement of the air quality and comfort level in a building or home reduces the risk of a reduced feeling of well-being and can even help in the prevention of illnesses.

To obtain a clear overview of the status of your indoor climate, regular monitoring of these values is recommended.

Comfort measurement
Ratio of CO2 in the air to living comfort
ppm* Situation
5.000 Danger from prolonged exposure
2.000 Negative health effects
1.200 Ventilation is necessary
1.000 Ventilation is recommended
800 Acceptable level
600 Healthy indoor climate
350 Healthy outdoor climate