Moisture Detection

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Detecting moisture ingresses and leaks in an efficient manner for a definitive result. For maximum results, we focus on both conventional detection techniques and thermographic analysis for rapid detection. Thanks to this diverse approach, we can always provide sound advice.

Detect moisture with Thermography

Leak and moisture problems can be very annoying. Tracing the cause is often not an easy task.
To avoid further construction damage and possible health problems, these problems need to be addressed. We use the most modern techniques to find out the cause of the moisture entry or to trace the origin of the leak.

In addition to the conventional techniques, infrared or thermal imaging cameras are also used for investigations. This non-destructive technique uses temperature differences to identify problems. Moisture entrances, leaks and rising damp are visible with a thermal camera.



With our techniques we can help you identify:
»Leakage in pipes
» Loss on heating pipes
»Water tightness of roofs
» Moisture penetrations
»Rising moisture
»Condensation problems
» Ventilation problems


Humidity problems

Moisture accumulation due to condensation problems can be traced by thermography. Excessive moisture production can be mapped using data loggers. With our advice on ventilation, insulation and moisture quantities via compliant reporting, we can get started to avoid mold and possible health problems.